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Hair colour cream with ammoniaca

Hair colour cream

Permanent cream hair colour combines the best cover of grey hair with the shine of final colour. It maintains the hair healthy, leaving it in good condition already in the final hairstyle. With its emollient and soothing oils of vegetable origin, such as organic olive oil or argan oil, coloured hair is strong, easy to comb and soft. Argan oil, produced from cold-pressed kernels of Argania Spinosa tree, is used against free-radicals to protect the colour, while the organic olive oil thoroughly nourishes the hair adding silkiness. Enriched with keratin.
Quantity: gr 100


Designed for

Total grey hair coverage


Shine Protecting colour Nourishing action


Organic Olive Oil Argan Oil Keratin

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Micro Pigment Technology

Micro Pigment Technolog uses micro colour molecules that act on the hair deep down.

Organic Oliv Oil

With extraordinary anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant properties, it combats the oxidative action of free radicals, responsible for cell ageing. It is also rich in essential nutrients such as vitamin D, vitamin E, Niacin and Biotin, substances that strengthen and boost the hair.

Argan Oil

This magical oil from Morocco is rich in vitamins and fatty acids and protects and adds shine to hair, leaving it healthy and strong.


Hair is largely made up of this very protein. It is therefore easy to imagine how a massive presence of this substance is synonymous with luxuriant, beautiful hair. Keratin restores hair to healthy condition with ideal hair structure, leaving it strong and hydrated.