Keratin 4

Phase 2.2 - Energy Serum

Professional Use

Energizing solution allowing the tranformation of the Keratin Drops in a soft cream that can go deeper into the hair fibers. It connects to the reconstructing properties of the Keratin the softening action of the cream. The Energy Serum is a specific formulation designed to provide active principles for the beauty and the health of the hair. Infact it empowers the effects of the liquid keratin contained in the phases 1 and 2, due to the sinergy with its oligoelements (Zinc, Copper, Magnesium and Manganese). The product is also made precious by the Hemp Oil, that brings vitamins, mineral salts, amino acids and a perfect balance of essential fat acids such as Omega 3 and 6.

Plus, thanks to the introduction of cyclodextrins (the same chemical elements that bring the active principles to the human body) they activate a chemical process in which their ring shape creates a water resistant inner environment. This is useful for the vehiculation of oily active principles. At the same time, the ring structure creates an external environment that keeps the water, allowing the best absorption and availability of the other actives.

This means that, keeping inside the oily actives, such as the hemp oil, and connecting outside the hydrophilic ones, such as keratin and oligoelements, the cyclodextrins can go trough the pores of the hair fiber and reach its extreme depth. This result is due to the particular formulation of the product that is much lighter compared to the other masks, with not greasy consistency and easy to reach the hair pores, without occluding them.
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Reconstruct the hair fibre


Energizing Reconstructing properties


Oligoelements Hemp Oil Cyclodextrins

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Keratin is a protein present in our body and one of the fundamental components of nails and hair. Hair, above all, is largely made up of keratin.It is therefore easy to imagine how a massive presence of this substance is synonymous with luxuriant, beautiful hair. This valuable protein is particularly sensitive to various external agents that may reduce its presence, in this way leading to thinning of the hair, a decrease in the size of the bulb and, long term, even baldness. Terrible enemies of keratin are, for example, smoking, alcohol, an unbalanced diet, especially one rich in animal fats or protein or one lacking fibre and mineral salts. Keratin is also negatively affected by excessive exposure to the sun, by contact with harmful substances such as, for example, the chlorine in swimming pools, and even by the use of excessively aggressive hair products. It is therefore fundamental to choose only shampoos and conditioners suitable for the hair type and the sensitivity of the scalp, which work without harming the keratin in the hair.


1. Wash the hair with the Preparing Shampoo (Phase 1).

2. On humid hair, apply all over the head the following blend:

- 20 gr of Drops of Keratin (Phase 2.1) + 30 gr of moderately warm water
- 40 gr of Energy Serum (Phase 2.2) (according to the lenght of the hair, in case of medium cut, half the reported dosage). Mix the ingredients in a bowl, apply the obtained cream with a brush from the roots to the tips and leave for 8-10 minutes. Rinse accurately and take away the exceeding water with a towel.

3. Continue the treatment with the Sealant Mask (Phase 3). Leave for some minutes and rinse accurately in order to take away the product.

4. Once the treatment is done, vaporize the spray (Phase 4) all over the hair and proceed with the preferred hair style.