Leaf Hair Care

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Plumping Treatment

Gently cleanses the hair giving extreme softness and shine. Suitable for all hair types: curly, dry, damaged, opaque and with split ends. The fine cosmetic properties of coconut oil help to repair dry and brittle hair; camellia oil gives shine and softness to brittle and dull hair.
Quantity: ml 300, ml 1000


Designed for

Curly Hair Buckets Brittle Damaged Opaque Split ends


Sheen Softness


Tsubaki Oil Acid Hialuronic

More info

Tsubaki Oil

The personal care secret from Japan. In line with a historical usage of this personal care secret from Japan, Tsubaki oil is suggested as hair care ingredient.

How to use

the amount used will depend on the length of the hair.Apply to wet hair.Gently massage scalp and hair with the fingers.Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary. For a complete nourishing treatment you can use it in conjunction with the DAILY NUTRIENT LEAF MASK.