Leaf No Frizz

Phase 1 - Preparing Shampoo

Professional Use

An alkaline Shampoo that eliminates all residues of fixatives and metals from hair, and also allows the proteins and amino acids in the Keratin to penetrate deep inside the structure of the hair.
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Designed for

Anti-frizz treatment


Eliminate all residues Open scales


Tannic Acid Keratin

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Hair is largely made up of this very protein. It is therefore easy to imagine how a massive presence of this substance is synonymous with luxuriant, beautiful hair. Keratin restores hair to healthy condition with ideal hair structure, leaving it strong and hydrated.


1. After wetting hair, apply the Shampoo and massage gently. Repeat, leaving the lather in for a minute. Rinse abundantly and proceed with subsequent treatment.

2. After washing the hair with the Preparing Shampoo, apply on humid hair the No Frizz Fluid. Distribute uniformly lock by lock. Proceed with the preferred hairstyle without rinsing.

3. Finish the ANTI FRIZZ treatment vaporizing on wet hair the SPRAY NO FRIZZ to illuminate and protect them. The Spray is ideal evening in case of use of straightener.