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Ammino Silk

Finish Treatment

Anti-frizz conditioner with smoothing power that has a high content of natural proteins such as keratin and silk to restructure damaged, brittle hair. Ammino Silk tames frizzy hair, protecting it and leaving it looking healthy, shiny and silky.
Quantity: ml 100 | SKU: F545


Designed for

Restructuring damaged, brittle hair


Anti-oxidant action Moisturising action Shiny Silky


Keratin Silk Tsubaki Oil

How to use

Apply to slightly damp hair along lengths. Proceed to dry with brush and hairdryer or flat iron.

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Hair is largely made up of this very protein. It is therefore easy to imagine how a massive presence of this substance is synonymous with luxuriant, beautiful hair. Keratin restores hair to healthy condition with ideal hair structure, leaving it strong and hydrated.

Tsubaki Oil

The personal care secret from Japan. In line with a historical usage of this personal care secret from Japan, Tsubaki oil is suggested as hair care ingredient.