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Guaranteed anti-wrinkle effect by reducing skin aging processes.

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As you are. How you want yourself.

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Who we are

Farmavit is an Italian company based in Anguillara Sabazia, a town not far from Rome.

The company has been in the cosmetics industry for more than 40 years without ever losing sight of its number one priority, that of creating high-quality professional hair and body care products.

Currently a fast-growing and dynamic company, we are committed to consistently delivering high-quality products. This is made possible because, as a full-cycle company, Farmavit takes care of every stage, from product formulation to delivery.

In fact, research, formulation and production all take place inside the Farmavit facility, equipped with a modern laboratory and machinery at the cutting edge of technology and efficiency.

Direct control over its processes makes the continuous research into high-quality ingredients easier for the company, which, in addition, strives to use organically-derived ingredients, where possible.


At the centre of Farmavit world there are hairdressers and beauticians.

All our activities of research, development, manufacturing, communication and marketing aim at the same target: supply beauty professionals with the best products and the most innovative solutions, improving their skills and abilities by means of training and updating.

For its products the firm uses, when possible, ingredients of organic origin which, together with the meticulous observance of international GMP (good manufacturing practice), ensure the respect of environment, of the person and of ethics.

The firm philosophy always tends to comply with the new requirements of its own target market. It maintains its sound professional conscience and operates fully respecting and protecting its human resources and the environment.


Farmavit uses renewable sources of energy from its photovoltaic plants and, when not sufficient, from energy companies which have been selected and chosen considering their targets of environment safeguard and protection. As a result, Farmavit is fully integrated into the territory where it operates.

For its products it uses the water from Bracciano lake, the most important water storage of Rome. It is rich in mineral substances of volcanic origin, which was used in medicine and cosmetics since the time of ancient Romans.